Hey everyone! about 2 weeks ago I got myself a new toy and I had to tell people in the business, of what we call, ” blogging “!

So my new toy is not so new! as it is an old fashion slide projector…. do you remember does?….if you are from the 70’s or 80’s somehow you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Well I know that, now days, you can project images or videos with digital equipment and also you can do this type of effects in Photoshop ( no need for special equipment ), but the whole point of my project is, to make it as real as possible and for that, I need it something like the slide projector!, so what I’ve been doing is going around London shooting transparency film or you might now it as reversal film… and I must say, is been very cool, specially when I experimented with a different way of developing the film…. and when I saw the results ( very unusual colours ) was a nice surprise and I decided to do some test shoots with this results….

At the moments is just a work in progress and  I’m just testing, but I’m liking what I see!…. so next time I’ll be showing you something more final and possibly in a bigger scale….