Wedding in sunny France.....2011

Hey everyone!…. this last 4 days I’ve been in France for a job/holidays…. Naomi and Jo got married yesterday and they ask me to do their pictures, so this is how I end it up in Bordeaux - France and had the opportunity to see some beautiful places….

One of this places was Dune du Pyla, this is the tallest sand dune in Europe…. well the tallest indeed!!!… by the time I got to the top I realized how unfit I am…lol… once you’re on the top, you have to go down to get to the beach on the other side and them back up again ( but this time with no steps ) to get some food and drink….. even though I was out of breath the whole way up… all I could think was…. I NEED TO GET A GOOD PICTURE TO SHOW HOW HIGH THIS FREAKING DUNE IS…….